The first 100 days in your new position

- knowledge, strategy, focus and delivery-

The first 100 days are the most critical for a leader's buy-in and success. If not well planned, if the leader is not supported, even the most talented people can bleed out and the result for both the organisation and the team they lead: frustration, failure, ultimately loss of work for the leader, loss of other colleagues, and for the organisation, a re-recruitment exercise that consumes time and money.

In this programme, we prepare, plan and develop the strategy and the action plan.

This is for You, if You

  • are a newly appointed leader and are taking on a leadership role for the first time
  • are moving into a new position within the organisation or joined a new company in a leadership role
  • could do with someone to help you plan your first 100 days, someone who is there for you, supportive, helpful, an ally

What do You get from the programme?

  • A well-prepared structured framework, focused on and responsive to your personal needs
  • Preparation, action plan for entry, before the start, if you start the programme before entry
  • You will identify and manage challenges, leadership situations
  • You will have a 100-day, 12-month plan with focus points, aligned with your and the organisation's goals, to help manage expectations and achieve success
  • A stakeholder management strategy, action plan and continuous follow-up
  • Conscious, structured preparation, focused implementation
  • Continuous monitoring, reacting to the current situation

The programme in numbers

  • 1 mentor of your own, who is an ally, working with you and for you
  • 1 well-developed framework programme, tailored to the leader's individual objectives and needs
  • 4 months of continuous cooperation, individual attention
  • 12 sessions, 2 hours  per session
  • 1 personal workbook with exercises, theory, tips, checklists, templates