Career Coaching

This is for You, if You

  • need a structured plan, a strategy, new mindset to move forward in Your career, even if you feel you know exactly what you need
  • know and use your motivational drivers, competencies, your hidden resources
  • want something different and extra from your current job
  • want to discover yourself and what is really for you
  • you need support in setting your direction, in putting together your compass
  • you feel stuck, you want a change in your career.

What do you get?

  • Profile XT® survey and consultation
  • Mapping and identification of self-awareness, motivation, interests, values, mission, competencies
  • Ability to identify set clear personal goals in your career
  • Conscious, structured preparation, career plans (prototype A. B. C)
  • Tools for developing and building a self-brand
  • Support in preparing and updating Your CV, interview simulation, job search strategy
  • Risk analysis, management, prevention strategies
  • Continuous monitoring and support, reacting to the current situation - testing and validation