GENOS leadership and workplace surveys

What can a leader or any team member do to retain colleagues and create a positive, productive workplace atmosphere and environment and support their team memeber's mental and physical health?

In the last 1-2 years, the top rankings in employee retention researches are leadership behaviour, listening skills, communication, involvement, the work environment, workplace climate, company culture.  These are all factors that are influenced by the leader's ability to create a positive, productive emotional environment, that is their emotionally intelligent behaviour. 

But the same is true for team members, as 1-1 direct colleague can also have a big influence on the work environment and atmosphere.

Everyone has emotions. It's a simple fact - a part of our being human. Whether we realise it or not, these emotions impact us every day. They also impact those around us, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.

Higher levels of Emotionally Intelligent Workplace Behaviour is the best antidote to work stress and building personal resilience. 

The Genos Emotional Intelligence Workplace and Leadership reports are ideal for individuals and teams who want to develop their emotional intelligence to better connect, collaborate and communicate.

 Genos International helps leaders and other professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience.

What leadership competencies does it measure? 

Self-awareness: being aware of your feelings and how these feelings can affect your decision-making, behaviour and performance.

Awareness of others: you sense, understand and accept the feelings of others.

Authenticity: you express yourself openly and effectively, fulfil commitments and encourage others to do the same.

Emotional reasoning: you use information and feelings from self and others and make decisions based on this together with other facts and information.

Self-management: you consciously pay attention to your mood and emotions, time management and behaviour, and continuously improve.

Inspiring performance / Positive influence: you positively influence the emotions of others when problem solving, giving feedback, and acknowledging and supporting the work of others, encouraging, inspiring and empowering others to perform better.

GENOS Workplace model
GENOS Workplace model
GENOS leadership model
GENOS leadership model

What's in it for You?

✅ It gives you specific, tangible feedback in the form of analysable data

✅ You will see where you are succeeding - it gives you a sense of achievement, boosts your self-confidence

✅ Youe will see where you need to improve most, invest energy - you can set priorities and take focused actions

✅ You can set SMART improvement goals and measure progress

✅ You will know where to invest energy based on the results - success is almost guaranteed

✅While analysing results, inner fears, beliefs and barriers come up, which can be unlocked, allowing you to work on yourself more successfully and with more freedom, which will show in other dimensions of your performance


Yes. It works like a mirror: the results show, how others see and experience you.

However, that is the point.

The experience of colleagues and the team is always subjective, because they are human: they see the leader and the team members through their own experiences, their own lenses. Working together with others is always about achieving success as a team, as part of a team, motivating them, encouraging them to perform better, and at the same time getting them to do and feel well at work.

Isn't it better to make your emotional impact measurable and visible?

If you want to grow as a leader or non-leader, if you want to create a productive, positive environment for your team and support retention and protect their health, get in touch, let's talk.